Prototypes from our in-house
manufacturing centre

Prototypes from our in-house manufacturing centre In the field of prototype construction, we manufacture prototypes from fibre composite materials (carbon fibre, glass fibre, Aramid, etc.) within a very short space of time from the contract being awarded and the CAD files being approved.

We manufacture our fibre composite prototypes using various techniques depending on the required quantity:   

- RTM, high pressure    
- Vacuum infusion    
- Low-temperature prepreg    
- Autoclave/prepreg    
- Vacuum assisted wet lamination

We use all types of commercially available fibres (carbon fibres, glass fibres, Aramid, etc.) for the production of fibre composite prototypes, depending on the function the component must perform. In addition to this, a wide range of resin (matrix) systems is available, always in combination with the chosen manufacturing process, that we can apply quickly and in a straightforward manner.

If necessary, production of the prototypes can be carried out in a manner very closely related to the series production process. Depending on the application, the tools for producing the components are manufactured from fibre composite materials or cut from rigid polyurethane foam, aluminium or steel.