Material and component testing

Our experience in the field of material and component originates from applications in the aerospace and automotive sector as well as from our own investigations, which are constantly updated.

Optical test methods
The surface tests for the evaluation and compliance of optical evaluation criteria is conducted with specific light tunnel systems using various light colors depending on the requirements from our customers.

Nondestructive Testing
Depending on the product requirements, we also offer non-destructive testing (NDT). Our professional staff is qualified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9712 and DIN EN 4179. To perform ultrasonic testing, a high quality custom test equipment is available to us. Other non-destructive testing methods such as X-ray and computed tomography are available to us via external partners on our premises. The completion of tensile and compression tests, DMA, DSC or FVC tests are also available in our range of services.

Materials laboratory and structural tests:
In our own material and quality assurance laboratory we conduct microsections and create digital macro-and microscopic images with our light microscope. In cooperation with our partner Airbus Space and Defence (EADS) we also offer static and dynamic structural tests as well as EMC and lightning measurements.

Geometrical Inspection technology
For the assessment of geometric specifications, we work with modern electronic measuring systems, such as radio- and 3D technology for tactile and laser scanning measurements. Depending on the annual quantity we design and manufacture specific components gauges, which simulate the installation situation of the components. Hence we facilitate an efficient geometrical inspection process even for high numbers.

With the above mentioned test methods we can assure the compliance of optical, geometrical and structural assessment criteria of our customers.