The highest standards of geometric reproducibility

Based on the quantity of a component being produced, we select the most suitable production process for the manufacture of your fibre composite components (carbon fibre, glass fibre, Aramid, etc.). Right from the tool-design stage, we develop and simulate real production scenarios adapted to the respective process. At the planning phase, we can therefore already put in place the ideal conditions for the subsequent production process.

Our focus:

- Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) 

- sheet moulding compound (SMC)

- prepreg and wet pressing

- vacuum infusion

In recent years, ACE has specialized in RTM and SMC technology. We set standards in terms of production efficiency and component quality, and we manufacture surfaces in a Class A standard and in optical carbon.

On the one hand we manufacture with SMC structural and complex compontens like parts with rips and inserts. On the other hand we can create appealing surfaces, e.g. for exterior and interior applications. Furthermore SMC can replace metal casted parts and metal brackets.

RTM technology allows economical manufacture of complex fibre composite structures. This process is therefore increasingly replacing the classical autoclave/prepreg technology.

Joining technology and, in particular, adhesives technology are an important part of the overall manufacturing process for fibre composite materials using the RTM process. ACE also develops its own bonding devices for this using state-of-the-art technology to deliver precise geometric reproducibility.