We prepare structural analyses,
strength calculations and
thermal analyses.

FEM-Analyse FahrerhauskabineThermalanalyse

In our "Dimensioning" department, we prepare structural analyses using the Finite Element Method, as well as strength calculations for both fibre composite structures and light metals.

For fibre composite materials, we apply anisotropic (i.e., in the direction of the fibres) and multi-layered (i.e., single ply-oriented) calculations.

Our dimensioning expertise includes the following services in particular:    
- Linear and non-linear FEM
   analyses and modal analyses    
- Transient and modal stability analyses    
- Optimization, service-life and
   fatigue analytics    
- Strength calculations  

In addition, we can take on the planning, definition and documentation for aviation products that require authorization and thus also undertake the authorization. If required, we can provide longer-term on-site support and are authorized to supply temporary workers for this purpose.

You will find more information in the "Dimensioning Expertise" fact sheet, which is available to download.