References from the field of services

ACE not only represents quality in the manufacture of prototypes and series from fibre composite materials; we also offer our services without a concrete connection to manufacturing, and will be delighted to provide a full range of services covering the entire field of lightweight construction.

Functional design of an Advanced Closed Loop System
for the International Space Station (ISS)

In this project, ACE is responsible for the functional design of the Advanced Closed Loop System (ACLS). The ACLS is needed for generating oxygen in the European section of the ISS. The system also produces water.

Development work and production for the Airbus A350XWB

As a firm development partner for lightweight structures for the new Airbus A350XWB, ACE receives orders for structural calculations, concept designs and development work on an ongoing basis directly from Airbus, as well as from Premium Aerotec. The structural calculations for the rudder assembly of the new Airbus were a fascinating project. We are also currently developing and producing the window frames for the Airbus A350XWB. The quality of our window frames means we are assuming a leading position in this regard.

Development of window frames for the
Airbus A380

Another of ACE's specialities is its know-how for the design and production of CFRP window frames. At ACE, CFRP window frames for the Airbus A380 were developed using RTM technology, and prototypes were manufactured. The goal here was to satisfy the exacting requirements in terms of geometry, mechanics and cost. Thanks to an innovative preform technology and an ingenious tool concept, ACE was able to achieve this goal. A manufacturing concept was developed at ACE for the series production of up to 10,000 CFRP window frames per annum. This was commissioned via Airbus Deutschland.

Development work for the Airbus A400M

ACE carried out various structural calculations for the A400M. This was commissioned via EADS.

Automobili Lamborghini Spa
Development of a joining device for the cover fender

ACE develops all of the tools and equipment needed for production of the components itself. Here, for example, a joining device was developed for a cover fender and put into operation in the ACE production department.