References from the aerospace sector

We have had the pleasure of advising and supplying a large number of customers in demanding projects over the years. Whereas for space flight the functional and high-tech advantages of lightweight constructions and materials are of paramount importance, solutions for air travel must also satisfy economic goals. Our many years of experience allow us to achieve an optimum combination of these two objectives.

Airbus / Assystem
Redesign of the A330 MTOW (maximum take-off weight)

On request of the airlines Airbus increased the MTOW of the current series of A330 from 235 to 242 tons. Thus it was necessary to recalculate all relevant assembly groups of the A330 in order to ensure the new MTOW. The calculation experts of ACE were sub-contracted by Airbus and Assystem to recalculate the MTOW for the A330 flaps and to verify that an increase of 7 tons is feasible. The reference images show the relevant parts of the A330.

Development work and production for the Airbus A350XWB

As a firm development partner for lightweight structures for the new Airbus A350XWB, ACE receives orders for structural calculations, concept designs and development work on an ongoing basis directly from Airbus, as well as from Premium Aerotec. The structural calculations for the rudder assembly of the new Airbus were a fascinating project. We are also currently developing and producing the window frames for the Airbus A350XWB. The quality of our window frames means we are assuming a leading position in this regard.

Development of window frames for the Airbus A380

Another of ACE's specialities is its know-how for the design and production of CFRP window frames. At ACE, CFRP window frames for the Airbus A380 were developed using RTM technology, and prototypes were manufactured. The goal here was to satisfy the exacting requirements in terms of geometry, mechanics and cost. Thanks to an innovative preform technology and an ingenious tool concept, ACE was able to achieve this goal. A manufacturing concept was developed at ACE for the series production of up to 10,000 CFRP window frames per annum. This was commissioned via Airbus Deutschland.

Development work for the Airbus A400M

ACE carried out various structural calculations for the A400M. This was commissioned via EADS.

MT Aerospace
Manufacture of an upper drag brace

ACE manufactured an upper drag brace for the nose gear of a regional aircraft as a prototype. Before manufacturing the prototype, ACE provided consultancy services for the design and dimensioning of the component.

Liebherr Aerospace
Production of air conditioner housings
for Airbus A319/A320/A321

ACE developed and produced an FRP air conditioner housing for the above Airbus aircraft using the RTM process; the housing was designed to be resistant to high temperatures.

Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH
Development and prototype manufacture of FRP nodes for Zeppelin NT

Within the framework of a development project with Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH, ACE developed a new manufacturing process for node connections of the FRP crossbar in the Zeppelin NT airship.

Jenoptik / Thales
Design of a new carrier platform for optical instruments on a satellite

ACE undertook the design of the carrier platform (SLSTR) intended to accommodate a wide range of optical instrumentation. The design services concerned the carrier platform itself, as well as all of the interfaces for accommodating the optical instruments.

As well as the reference projects mentioned here, many of our engineers also have further development experience in automotive construction from projects at EADS-Dornier.

Structure development for the Do 328 regional aircraft

The potential of fibre composite materials for lightweight constructions was implemented throughout the Do 328. At an early stage, the decision was made to use an FRP rear fuselage with a tail unit, as well as an FRP pressure bulkhead.

Payload fairing for the Ariane 5 launcherFRP, titanium and aluminium have become indispensable materials for space flight. Any way to save weight is welcome. Our engineers developed the production equipment for the payload fairing of the Ariane 5 launcher and were commissioned to carry out various pieces of calculation work for the payload structure.